What is Clementine’s address in Stray? Answered

Locate the leader of the Outsiders.


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Once you enter Midtown in Stray, you’ll be tasked with tracking down Clementine. The only clue you have to her whereabouts is a picture with a strange code on the back. Considering the scale of Midtown, this code means practically nothing, which is why we’ve put together this guide for what Clementine’s address is in Stray, so you don’t get lost looking for it for too long.

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What is Clementine’s address?

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Clementine’s address is staring you in the face as soon as you enter Midtown. Open your inventory and examine the picture to see the inscriptions on the back. This is Clementine’s address, not that you’d know it immediately. The blue symbol represents the building she lives in. The green symbol is the floor of that building, and the red symbol is the number of the apartment on that floor.

With this in mind, we know that Clementine lives in the fifth apartment on the second floor of a building. It’s the second floor because the ground floor counts as the first floor. One of the first NPCs you can speak to in Midtown, Garay, will explain this to you.

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How to find Clementine’s building

You can track down the building that Clementine lives in easily. If you speak to another NPC that you’ll meet as you enter Midtown, Vladee, and show them the picture, they’ll tell you that they believe the person in it lives in the massive residential building. This building is located further uptown, meaning you’ll need to follow the road to find it.

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It’s quite hard to miss the residential building in Midtown. Read the signs on the streets as you explore, and you’ll keep heading in the right direction. The entrance looks like a road you’d drive down to get into an underground parking lot. There are three robots in the main atrium taunting the cameras and pining for their music. You can complete a quest for them to get one of their songs.

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Clementine’s address is on the second floor of this building. Head up the stairs and look for the green and red symbols from the picture. Clementine’s apartment is mostly boarded up, but you can get in through a small hole in the window.

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