What is Double Movement in Fortnite?

This technique is for PC gamers only.

Image via Epic Games

No matter what platform you play Fortnite on, the control schematics are simple for gamers to follow and execute. But there is one control technique that only PC gamers can master: Double movement. It’s the essential benefit that PC players have over console gamers and the most controversial.

So, what exactly is double movement, and how does the feature give PC gamers a high advantage in Fortnite?

Double movement allows PC gamers to make diagonal movements while still facing forward. It also helps players scout their surroundings more effectively to avoid them from stopping or slowing their movement speed to a screeching halt.

While it’s a beneficial feature, it had been unavailable in Fortnite from the day of its official launch, forcing players to resort to movement stick accessories alongside their keyboard and third-party key-remapping software, such as Wooting and Keys2sx, to use it. Such measures were considered controversial within the Fortnite community until Epic Games confirmed that key-remapping software that allows for the use of double movement won’t be banned when Chapter 2 Season 6 came around in April 2021. It officially made double movement legal under the condition that macro tools used to perform multiple in-game actions with just one hotkey remain banned.

All the secondary accessories and software may not be necessary to use double movement. If you want to save your money, just the simple WASD keys are enough to execute double movement as long as you can get the hang of it.