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What is Eaglercraft in Minecraft? How to play Eaglercraft, explained

It's not the most current thing, but a nice substitute.

Minecraft is as popular as ever with so many ways to play it. If you’re at home, your PC or home console are perfect, and even if you are on the go, your mobile phone and Nintendo Switch can handle it just fine. That being said, if you don’t have access to those for any reason, there is an alternate way to play in a browser called Eaglercraft. Here is what you need to know about it.

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What is Eaglercraft?

Eaglercraft is a fan-supported server that emulates Minecraft: Java Edition from its early days. It is completely free to play, but there are a ton of features not present that are in the regular game today. It is all played in your browser, so you can play even on a school laptop unless it was specifically blocked by administrators. This also means you do not need to download it. Because it runs the Java version, this is only playable on computers, with no mobile or console support.

Is Eaglercraft safe?

From everything we have seen, Eaglercraft is safe to play. It does not require you to connect your Microsoft account; all you need to input is a new password when you register. Just to be safe, we recommend using one that is unique from other passwords you use.

How to play Eaglercraft

To begin Eaglercraft, you must go to the Eaglercraft website, choose the version you want to run, and click Play. Your first time jumping in will bring you to a page where you select your name and skin. After choosing this, you’ll be brought to a password registration screen. Type /register followed by your password choice twice.

When you get into the game, you will be able to choose what part of Eaglercraft you want to join. You can see how many people are on the servers and see which lobbies are currently open. When you get in, be sure to see all of the rules available and go about playing Minecraft as you normally would. Remember, since the game is running in a browser, it won’t necessarily run as well as normal Minecraft, but it’s a fine substitute to try out before purchasing the real deal.

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