What is Inverted Mode in Crash Bandicoot 4:It’s About Time?

An original Crash Picasso.

There will be no need to worry about a lack of content in Crash Bandicoot 4:It’s About Time, as a brand new feature will welcome hours of new gameplay experiences — even after you’ve completed the story. During PlayStation’s August State of Play event, Toys for Bob producer Lou Studdert announced Inverted Mode, which adds a mirrored view, along with new objectives and filters to all dimensions in the game.

“Not only have perspectives shifted, but now each of the dimensions are rendered in a rare and unique art style,” Studdert said. The trailer offers a look at a number of these art styles, as one finds Crash having to spin around a black and white area to add color in order to find the right paths. Others included Noire film grains, underwater dynamics, and changes in lighting. Inverted Mode can be unlocked once users complete the game’s main story.

Hopefully, more styles will be revealed before the game’s release on October 2 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Aside from modes, the trailer also revealed a number of cosmetics that are coming.

via PlayStation’s YouTube channel