What is Kazuha’s special dish in Genshin Impact?

It’s a secret.

With Kazuha entering Genshin Impact on the recent Banner, players are very curious what his special dish is. All characters in Genshin Impact have special dishes that they can make that can confer an assortment of gameplay bonuses and effects to characters when eaten.

Interesting, Kazuha does not currently have a special dish. This is quite unusual, as characters nearly always have then the second they arrive in the game, but there are some interesting theories behind why he might not have it yet.

The main theory people are going with is that his special dish requires an ingredient that is only available from his homeland of Inazuma, so the special dish will not be available in the game until the region is added. It is actually not an outrageous idea, as the new Inazuma region is rumored to be arriving soon.

This would be a fun and interesting way for miYoHo to build some hype around the upcoming release, and would prove to be an interesting way to have the character’s special dish arrive, perhaps with a quest or side quest in the next update, should Inazuma be included.

The next update is due to arrive on July 21, so we have a little under a month to wait and see what it will contain, and if the new region will be included.