What is Limit Break in Final Fantasy XIV Online?

Why is Limit Break important?

Screengrab from Square Enix

While you’re in a party of more than four players in Final Fantasy XIV Online, you’re going to receive a new ability called Limit Break. It’s a bar that you’ll have somewhere on your HUD that is slowly building up, and eventually, you’ll be able to use it during a battle. So when this bar fills up, how does Limit Break work, and when should you use it?

The effects of Limit Break vary depending on if you’re a melee or ranged combat discipline and what type of job you are. The ability change based on if you’re a healer, a tank, or a DPS class. When you’re a healer, you’ll be able to use it to restore a certain amount of health for the entire party. When you’re a tank, your Limit Break increases the physical and magical defense of the whole party for a short time. For the DPS classes, if you’re a melee fighter you’ll do damage to a single target, whereas a ranged fighter, you’ll damage all of the enemies in front of you in a straight line.

The overall percentage of damage and healing you’re doing during a limit break depends on all party members’ equipment levels. The higher level everyone is, the stronger the attack, the healer, or the increased defenses.

The type of Limit Break you want to use will vary based on the situation you’re handling. These are seldom spur-of-the-moment decisions. You want to make sure you’re communicating with your party members to ensure you’re using the correct one.

When you want to use it, you need to make sure the Limite Break ability is on your toolbar. Without it, you won’t be able to use your job’s Limit Break during a battle. But, again, communication with the party is essential, so make sure you don’t use it on a minor boss before battling the final one when your tank wants to use theirs to protect everyone against a specific, incoming attack.