Minecraft Legends: How To Get Creepers

Move over, Iron Golems; there’s a new mob in town.

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It’s time to make some room for a new best friend in Minecraft Legends — the Creeper. The once infamous green monsters that sent shivers down our spines are now our trusted allies in the fight against piglins. With their explosive powers and willingness to follow commands, Creepers are the perfect addition to any adventurer’s team. Just keep some spare blocks handy for the occasional blast crater. Of course, who needs TNT when you’ve got a trusty Creeper by your side? Still, to spawn Creepers in Minecraft Legends, you’ll first have to get acquainted with them.

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Where to find Creepers in Minecraft Legends

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Before you can start wreaking havoc, you’ll need to know how to find these explosive companions. Creepers spawn in the Badlands biome. Either fast travel or make your way there with your mount. You won’t have trouble locating a Creeper Village with little green explosives inside. Gain Creepers’ trust and ask them to follow you. Most of them will happily help you on your journey. Don’t worry; you won’t have to do this every time. This is just the path to unlock Creepers.

How to craft Creeper Spawner & Summon Creepers in Minecraft Legends

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Once you’re in their good graces, it’s time to craft a Creeper Spawner using 2 coal, 2 lapis, and 1 Flame of Creation. But don’t celebrate just yet; you’ll need to spend more resources to summon the Creepers. You’ll need 25 wood, 25 stone, and 5 coal to spawn a single Creeper.

Now you’re ready to watch those Creepers do their thing. Just be sure to stay clear of the blast zone. Also, don’t get attached because once a creeper blows up, you won’t see it again. With the help of these explosive allies, there’s no doubt that you’ll dominate the game and maybe even be crowned the king of Minecraft Legends.