What is the best occupation in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered?

What in a job?

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered

Image via Square Enix

The occupation you pick for your family in Final Fantasy Cyrstal Chronicles can have a surprising impact on your game. There are eight occupations to choose from, ane each one will have different benefits. As you play through the game, your family will send you letters. Sending them back positive and loving replies, and the right kinds of foods and items will improve your relationship with them. As time goes on, they will send you items that match their occupation. The better your relationship with them, the better the items will be. 

After every dungeon clear you will get a letter that contains a gift, and you can send a reply to them with a gift attached. In general, the Blacksmith or Alchemist are the most impactful and beneficial occupations. 


Your family will send you fish. Don’t pick this option if you have a Tribe who doesn’t actually like fish.


If you send your family seeds, they will start to send you bread and flour. 


Farmers also like to receive seeds, but once again is not really the best occupation to pick. 


The rancher will send you meat, and later in the game you can get milk. You can send them a cow if you get a chance for a huge increase in their happiness. 


The Merchants will have a shop in their town where you can buy useful items, but it will only really sell valuable things if you work on your relationship with your family. You can also avail of discounts after you increase your relationship level enough. 


Blacksmith is a superb option, as it allows you to build weapons and armor when you are at home. 


The Tailor is a useful option as they allow you to make different items at home. Once again, the items you can make depends on the strength of your relationship.


Alchemists will give you scrolls to make items, and some of these can be really valuable, like the RIng of Invincibility.