What is the countdown timer in the Fortnite lobby?

Tick tock.


If you have logged into Fortnite recently you will have noticed a rather large timer counting down in the lobby. This new addition is somewhat ominous, and of course, everyone wants to know what it is counting down to.

The countdown timer is due to finish on Saturday, June 6 at 2 PM ET. Interestingly, the new season is set to start on June 11, so it doesn’t coincide with that. The current theory is that the timer is for the Doomsday Device that Midas has been building in his room.

The clock is definitely counting down to Midas using his device, and you will need to load into the game at the above time to find out exactly what is going to happen.

Nobody knows if it is actually a Doomsday Device, that is simply a fan theory based on the fact that it really, really looks like a Doomsday Device. With Shadow skins being far more popular this season that Ghost, Shadow has effectively managed to defeat Ghost in the ongoing storyline. Many people out there believe that Midas is building the device as a last-ditch effort to swing the war with Shadow in his favor.

So, something is about to happen, and we will have a few days to experience it before things move into the new season. There are really more questions than answers at the moment, but we now have the time to let us know when at least some of those questions will be answered.

One thing is for certain, you will more than likely want to be in-game when that counter hits zero, so it might be a good idea to jump in just a couple of minutes before and then hid out somewhere to see if you can witness what happens for yourself.