What is the end credits song in HBO’s The Last of Us episode six? Answered

I hope Joel never lets Ellie down again.

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Warning: This article may contain spoilers for HBO’s The Last of Us episode six.
HBO’s The Last of Us TV series has brought viewers plenty of memorable and heartbreaking moments throughout its entire run. Although the main reason for the adaptation’s popularity is primarily due to the cast’s amazing performances and hard-hitting scriptwriting, the brilliant soundtrack that sets the mood and tone for various scenes should never be forgotten. Each installment’s outro track in particular has always been a widely favored aspect of the series and episode six is no different. If you’re wondering what the end credits song was for the show’s sixth episode, then we’ve got you covered.

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Who sings the end credits song in The Last of Us episode six?

The end credits song in episode six is a cover of Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode. Viewers that have been tuning in since the beginning may remember that the popular song from the new wave English band was similarly played as the credits rolled on episode one.

The main difference here, however, is that the track was sung this time around by Craig Mazin’s 18-year old daughter, Jessica Mazin, instead. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like she was credited during the end itself, although Craig Mazin did confirm that it was his daughter who covered it in HBO’s The Last of Us podcast for episode 6. The snippet of her performance presents a drastic departure from Depeche Mode’s instrument-heavy arrangement.

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Instead of the hard-hitting drum beat, the distorted guitar effects, and the intermittent keys section, the end credits song in episode six is much more muted and mostly features Jessica Mazin’s chillingly beautiful singing voice accompanied by a melancholic piano melody.