What is the frog for in Return to Monkey Island? Answered

Forgiveness is just a frog away.

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Nothing is ever straightforward in a Monkey Island game. Whether you’re looking to pull off a complicated mutiny or just find your own mop, there are always going to be a few steps that take a little bit of lateral problem-solving. This also means you might come across some items that seem useless at first but are actually critical to solving the puzzles that halt your progress. This is definitely the case for a small frog that you might come across at the House of Mojo on Low Street.

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What to do with a Forgiveness Frog

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s a long story, but to get aboard LeChuck’s ship and sail to Monkey Island, you need to get hired as a swabby — and it’s BYOM (bring your own mop). Acquiring a mop isn’t a simple task, either, and doing so will require distracting the cook at Scumm Bar with a cookbook from Carla’s Governor’s Mansion. Unfortunately, it seems like you have a history of not returning your borrowed books to Carla, so she isn’t too keen on letting you borrow any more. She also isn’t prepared to accept just any apology either. Fortunately, the House of Mojo has just the thing for the job: a Forgiveness Frog.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Although the frog is (maybe) magical, it won’t do the trick if you don’t add a personal touch. Just handing Carla a blank frog will leave you without forgiveness or the all-important cookbook. Instead, you’ll have to write an apology on the frog using details about Carla you can find around the island. For reference: her name is Carla, she’s tough on toughness, she’s famous for her deeds in Sato Domingo, and she needs reassurance you won’t forget to return her books in the future. Once you convince her you’ve truly learned your lesson, just try to remember to bring her book back.