What is the level cap in Battlefield 2042?

You’ve got 99 ranks till S-levels come.

Battlefield 2042 DICE Sundance

Image via DICE

With strong opening sales numbers, it’s safe to say Battlefield 2042 is the hit holiday shooter that publisher Electronic Arts wanted. Now, all that’s left is for developer DICE to deliver the necessary bug fixes players expect, allowing them to continue their ways up the multiplayer ranks without issue. Speaking of the multiplayer ranks, many players are wondering what the level cap of Battlefield 2042 is and how they can obtain it.

The current level cap for Battlefield 2042 is 99. However, after obtaining it, players will find themselves hit with S-Levels. These S-levels start at S001 and go all the way up to S999, meaning there are about 1098 levels to get through. But, if you’re a little intimidated by that number, it’s important to point out that you won’t unlock anything new after 99. Therefore, think of S-levels as more of something to chase rather than something you need.

In terms of how you can quickly get to 99 and start the journey beyond, there are a few ways you can accelerate the process. One of the ways you’ll want to focus on, have to do with challenges. Completing Specialist challenges is a great way to add bonus experience on top of the XP you already earn every match. Every Specialist in Battlefield 2042 has its own challenges, and some of them even reward skins on top of XP.

The other way you can earn easy XP is the Battlefield Portal. Now, many of the exploits for rapid leveling have been patched, but some ways to gain XP remain. One of these ways is to search for XP Farm Servers. By searching for XP farms, you will find servers where you’ll be able to farm kills on bots and enemy players, thus shorting the time needed to hit max level. However, even with the tips mentioned above, reaching S999 is no easy feat, and anyone who does will definitely have bragging rights.