What is the max level cap in Apex Legends?

It might be higher than you think.

Image via EA

Those who have been enjoying digging into Apex Legends’ hero shooter goodness may well have found themselves racing through the leveling system. At the game’s outset, it might have seemed like hitting the level cap was a distant prospect for most players, but several years on there are plenty who have gained enough experience to reach it. Let’s take a look at Apex Legends’ max level cap.

What is Apex Legends’ max level cap?

For much of the lifespan of Apex Legends, the max level cap has been 500. That’s quite a hefty number, but there are dedicated souls who have been grinding experience for years and have already hit the ceiling. Luckily though, from August 9 — the launch of Season 14 of Apex Legends — the ability to “prestige” and reset your level up to three times has been added, effectively raising the level cap to 2,000.

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This is no doubt welcome news to those who have already hit the previous level cap or were nearing that endpoint. The higher level cap will offer new incentives for those who may have bounced off the game upon hitting level 500, and the bonuses don’t stop there.

Can players earn more Apex Packs?

One of the main benefits of the leveling system in Apex Legends has been the opportunity to earn Apex Packs, in-game loot boxes that contain cosmetic items for your characters. By leveling up all the way to level 500, players could earn up to 200 Apex Packs just by playing the game, without having to spend a penny.

The higher level cap will also give players the opportunity to earn further Apex Packs, with the total number available through leveling up increasing from 200 to 544. On top of that, players will earn the chance to unlock the rare and much-coveted Heirloom shards once they’ve earned 500 Apex Packs, something that until now was generally only possible through spending money. It’ll take a while to earn 500 Apex Packs the old-fashioned way though, so be prepared for some grinding once Season 14 commences on August 9.