What is the missing cosmetics error in Overwatch 2? Missing skins, golden weapons, and more

Did your favorite hero not transfer over with their iconic skins?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With the arrival of Overwatch 2, players are excited to jump into the next game by Blizzard and see everything new that will be available in this second game. However, because it is a new game with its own launch, there are a handful of problems many people encounter after they jump into the game. One consistent issue is some players are missing cosmetics for their problems, such as characters missing skins, a lack of golden weapons, and several other problems. Here’s what you need to fix Overwatch 2’s missing cosmetics.

What’s happening with Overwatch 2’s missing skins and golden weapons?

For some reason, this problem was carried over from the Overwatch 2 beta several months ago. Blizzard responded to these reports that it was common for players to have missing cosmetics from their original Overwatch account while they were playing in Overwatch 2. However, the post does not say this would occur when the game launched, and it looks like many players are experiencing these problems.

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Right now, the best way to tackle this issue is to make sure you’re logging into the game using the correct Battle.net account. With Overwatch 2 being a free-to-play game, you might be using a Battle.net account you usually don’t use, and it might not be associated with the one you used while playing the original Overwatch.

If you’ve double-checked that you are using the correct account, the only thing you can do is reach out to the Overwatch 2 support team on the Blizzard website. The team has suggested you contact them and ensure you have access to every skin you had while playing the original Overwatch game. We recommend going to the Overwatch 2 category and sharing that you have In-Game issues under the Technical Issues option.