What is the release date for Genshin Impact’s PlayStation 5 version?

Pixel pushing perfection.

Image via miYoHo

Genshin Impact fans on PlayStation 5 can rejoice, as miYoHo has formally announced the PS5 version of the game. While the smash-hit RPG is currently playable on the console, it runs the PlayStation 4 version with some graphical upscaling and improved framerates, but no real bells and whistles.

The exact release date of the PS5 version is not currently known, as miYoHo has yet to release a set date. All we know at the moment, based on the recently released trailer, is that the PS5 version will release “soon”, which hopefully means we will get our hands on it some time before the summer.

Genshin Impact PS5 features

The PS5 version will take advantage of all that pixel pushing power to bring some enhanced visuals to the game, which are on display in the trailer.

The dedicated version will also give the developers a means of really taking advantage of the faster loading times of SSDs, and will also bring support for the haptic side of the DualSense controller.

While this may seem like a small thing, for PlayStation 5 players it is quite exciting. The different between Genshin Impact on a PS4 and PS5 is substantial, so seeing how the game looks, feels, and run when it has been properly tuned to take advantage of the console’s power is definitely an exciting prospect.

We will keep this article up to date with any future news that miYoHo make available about the PS5 release.