What is the release date of the Witch Queen Raid in Destiny 2?

She is coming.

Image via Bungie

With Witch Queen on the way and one of the longest seasons in the new era of Destiny 2 almost at an end, players are filled with questions. Chief among them is when the Witch Queen Raid will launch.

The good news is that Bungie has revealed the Raid will go live on March 5, at 10 AM Pacific. The Raid does not have a title yet but will be granted an official name closer to the launch. We can only assume that Bungie does not want to give away any secrets or spoilers right now.

As always, there will be a contest mode, but details on that are thin on the ground as well. Contest mode is traditional when the raid locks everyone in at a certain max power level, and teams have 24 hours to be the first people to finish the Raid under those conditions. Those who do are immortalized and get some awesome belts, while everyone else gets to feel what it is like to lose.

Bungie will be announcing all the details on Contest Mode, Bungie Rewards, and everything else you want to know closer to the launch. Witch Queen is shaping up to be an exciting expansion for Destiny 2, especially after a reasonable long drought of relevant story content.

The Witch Queen for Destiny 2 will launch on February 22 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.