What is the signature dish of the Wangshu Inn in Genshin Impact?

World famous food.

Wangshu Inn

With the 1000 Questions with Paimon event underway, players are finding themselves in need of all manner of trivia about Genshin Impact, the world of the game, and the NPCs and creatures that inhabit it. It is a fun event that tests the limit of a player’s Genshin Impact knowledge in return for some nice rewards.

One of the questions players may need to answer is the name of the signature dish of the Wangshu Inn. The Wanghsu Inn can be found in the Bishui Plain in Liyue, and is one of the first places that players will come to as they journey from Mondstadt to Liyue Harbor.

The Wangshu Inn’s signature dish is actually Almond Tofu, and this information can be found on a Notice Board in the Inn. The note states, “Our inn’s signature dish is Almond Tofu, which has a delightful sweetness and savory aftertaste. It is like a cool summer wind or refreshing mountain stream on the tip of your tongue. Every guest should try it!”

Unsurprisingly, players can actually get the recipe for Almond Tofu at the Inn as well. In the top levels of the Inn, at the very top of the massive structure, you can head downstairs into the heart of the building to find the kitchen. Here, you will find a chef called Smiley.

He is in a room full of fresh vegetables, meats, fish, and various foods. There will be investigation points all over the place. Go to the left side of it, and you should find the Almond Tofu recipe in the corner.