Where to find the Almond Tofu recipe in Genshin Impact

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Creating new food is vital in Genshin Impact. You need it to buff your party members, heal them, or revive them if they fall in combat. When you start the game, you begin with a handful of recipes and learn a few along the way as you work through the story missions. However, there are plenty of recipes out there, and they’re incredibly useful to find. But the game won’t immediately indicate where you can learn them, so you need to go out of your way to learn about them. One of these recipes is the Almond Tofu recipe.

You can find the recipe out in the open rather than speaking to someone to teach it to you at the Wangshu Inn, in the Liyrue region. Make your way to the inn and go inside of it. Be on the lookout for an individual named Smiley Yanxiao, a chef who works at the inn.

Try to go to the downstairs area where Smiley is and locate the room full of fresh vegetables, meats, fish, and various foods likely being served at the inn. There will be investigation points all over the place. Go to the left side of it, and you should find the Almond Tofu recipe in the corner.

Once you have the recipe, locate it in your inventory underneath the Precious Items tab. Click on it, and you will immediately learn how to make it. The recipe requires three milk, one sugar, and one almond. When consumed, it increases all of your party members’ attacks by 66 to 95 for 300 seconds.