What is the Terminal Overload Rotation in Destiny 2?

Welcome to the Terminal Overload public event.

Image via Bungie

The Terminal Overload public event is one you can find on Destiny 2’s Neptune planet. It’s part of the Lightfall expansion, and you’ll be fighting multiple waves of enemies through various areas on the planet. There is a distinct rotation for activity, and you’ll have to follow it each time you compete in this activity. Should you reach the end of each phase of Terminal Overload, everyone who participated gains access to a chest. Here’s what you need to know about the Terminal Overload Rotation in Destiny 2.

How the Terminal Overload Rotation works in Destiny 2

The Terminal Overload activity is broken up into three parts. The first two parts feature similar activities that you need to go through. We highly recommend starting a Terminal Overload public event alongside other players. It’s tough to work on this by yourself, and you might be overwhelmed by the many tasks you must complete.

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Terminal Overload Parts 1 and 2

The first two parts of the Terminal Overload public activity are the same, and they have four distinct sections you need to complete before the time limit ends. If you do not reach the end of the activity when the time limit is over, the Terminal Overload activity immediately moves over to the next phase, and you miss out on a chest.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first section has you defeating combatants until it reaches 100%. Multiple Cabal will spawn during this time, and you must eliminate them. After you’ve done that, the second part has you standing on a Vex plate at a set waypoint. You must defend this plate from oncoming Vex enemies, primarily Harpies. You and your fireteam will need to remain on the plate until it reaches 100%.

Once you’ve completed this section, you’ll need to defeat specific glowing Minotaur Vex that spawn and destroy the three Vex nodes that have appeared nearby. The glowing Minotaurs drop Arc Cranium devices you can use on these nodes to destroy them. After these have been destroyed, a boss-level Minotaur, and you’ll need to eliminate them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you’ve done this, the final activity will vary. We’ve had instances where we need to defeat a giant Cabal boss, and other times we had to search the battlefield to stop Psions from calling down airstrikes. You’ll need to adapt to your current objective.

Terminal Overload Part 3

The final part of the Terminal Overload activity is not timed. This is where you’ll be facing off against the final boss of this area, Sizmic, the Net-Desecrator. You’ll need to prevent this boss from hacking into the Neomuna network and take down a glowing Cabal guard that should drop a Shield Breaker aura. Stand in this aura when first battling against Sizmic to lower their shield and take them out.

After Sizmic has been destroyed, a final boss will appear. Its health will be broken up into three parts, and when you reach each section of the health, a shield protects it, and you’ll need to destroy multiple nodes that spawn nearby before you can start going after it again.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Upon taking out the final boss, two Terminal Overload chests appear. Everyone will be able to access at least one of these chests, but another chest requires a Terminal Overload Key, and this one typically has better rewards for the public event.