How Armor Charges work in Destiny 2

Augment your armor and make sure to equipment the Armor Charges to complement your build.

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Armor Charges are a new passive added to the Destiny 2 Armor Mod system. These were added when the Lightfall campaign launched, and the Armor Mod system was given a brand new look, allowing players to unlock more customization into their Destiny 2 builds. You’ll want to actively go out of your way to add Armor Charges to your build and make sure you’re stacking it up while playing. Here’s what you need to know about how Armor Charges work and what they do in Destiny 2.

What do Armor Charges do, and how do you get them in Destiny 2?

Armor Charges are available on the Mod Customization screen. You can find this on the right side of the main character selection screen, where you modify your weapons and armor. Here, you can adjust what modifications you add to your Guardian, and each armor slot should have a component that directly influences Armor Charge.

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At its core, Armor Charges are given to you for completing specific gameplay mechanics based on the mods you’ve placed into your build. For example, you might give your Guardian the Grenade Kickstart mod, where you can gain an Armor Charge when you collect an Orb of Power, but the mod also has it that you consume your stacks of Armor Charge when your grenade energy is fully expended. This means you may want hold onto your grenade charge until you have enough Armor Charges before using it, gaining a good amount of ability charge back, so you use it much quicker.

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It’s a delicate balance of picking the correct amount of Armor Charges you want to put into your Guardian and which you use. Unfortunately, not every Armor Mod that uses Armor Charges provide you this benefit, and they’re broken up into different colors.

You can find Blue, Green, and Gold Armor Charge mods on this modification page. You’ll want to have a diverse set of these mods woven throughout your armor, and it makes swapping them out much easier with the Loadout system. Here’s how the three unique colors for the Armor Charge mods function.

  • Blue Armor Charge mods: Provides a passive bonus to a specific stat while you hold an Armor Charge
  • Green Armor Charge mods: Provide you additional ways to earn Armor Charges during a fight, and these can also increase your stacks of Armor Charge
  • Gold Armor Charge mods: Consumes your Armor Charge stacks to provide you a specific benefit, such as increased Grenade ability damage, or damage reduction

You don’t want too many of each type of Armor Charge on your character. These three Armor Charge mods work well together, giving you multiple benefits while you play. The ones that work best for your character will vary on your overall build, which comes down to the type of subclass you’re using, their Fragments, Aspects, and various weapons.

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