What is this week’s Dares of Eternity loot pool in Destiny 2? – January 31 2023

We thank you for participating in Dares of Eternity.

Image via Bungie

The Dares of Eternity is the intergalactic game show in Destiny 2, hosted by Xur. Typically, Xur only shows up on Fridays at a random location to exchange exotic loot with lucky Guardians who can find him, but he has a more lively presence for the Dares of Eternity mode. You can work together alongside a fireteam of six Guardians to win some impressive rewards, which rotate out on a routine loot table. This guide covers the loot pool for Dares of Eternity in Destiny 2.

Dares of Eternity Loot Pool for January 31 to February 7

The assortment of loot you can earn from the Dares of Eternity varies each week, but there are three distinct loot pools that you can earn.

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For the week of January 17, 2023, during the Season of the Seraph, these are all the rewards you can earn while participating in the Dares of Eternity game.

  • Arsenic Bite-4B
  • Blast Battue
  • Corsair’s Wrath
  • Deafening Whisper
  • Dire Promise
  • Enigma’s Draw
  • Escape Velocity
  • Friction Fire
  • Jian 7 Rifle
  • Royal Chase
  • Scatterhorn Armor
  • Timelines’ Vertex
  • True Prophecy
  • Wild Hunt Armor

You can expect to earn these weapons and armor sets when you reach the end of the Dares of Eternity. We recommend participating in the Legend version of this activity for the best rewards. You will have more powerful foes to battle against, but there’s a better chance for some superior gear, and you can earn Enhancement Prisms as a reward. In addition, you will receive a weekly Pinnacle gear drop for reaching a score of 250,000 at the end, similar to the other activities in Destiny 2. You can earn the Pinnacle reward once a week, and it refreshes for the weekly reset.