What Time Does Xur Come And Where Is Xur in Destiny 2 – Oct 19 2018

 What Time Does Xur Come And Where Is Xur in Destiny 2 – Oct 19 2018

Friday is, as always, Xur day. The wiggly faced trader from beyond the Void brings rare items and cool gubbins for us to buy. Xur no longer shows up on the in-game map though, nor is he tied to the Flashpoints, so we tracked him down for you. You asked “where is Xur?”, now allow us to tell you.

Where Is Xur

This week, you can find Xur at Giant’s Scar on Io.

Io Map
Io MapTL;DR Games • Fair Use

What Is Xur Selling

This week, Xur is selling his usual stock of an armor item for each class, and a weapon. All these items are Exotics. Xur is also selling a Fated Engram and the Five of Swords.

Crimson – Hand Cannon

CrimsonTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The Dragon’s Shadow – Hunter Chest Armor

The Dragon's Shadow
The Dragon’s ShadowTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Crown of Tempests – Warlock Helmet

Crown of Tempests
Crown of TempestsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Ashen Wake – Titan Gauntlets

Ashen Wake
Ashen WakeTL;DR Games • Fair Use

What Should You Buy?

Being honest, this week Xur has mostly middle of the road items, with middle of the road rolls. The Dragon’s Shadow is worth it if you are really into using Fusion Rifles. I like the Crown of Tempests in general, and this one does come with Hand Cannon targeting, which can be a big thing in the current meta. Everything else is largely for collectors only. Also, your weekly reminder to grab a Fated Engram if you are missing any of the old Exotics.

That is it for Xur this week! If you need help with other aspects of Destiny 2, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.