What times does Daisy Mae appear in your town in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Risk it all on the Stalk Market.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Daisy Mae is an essential character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as she will allow you to be a big player on the Stalk Market by buying and selling Turnips. Daisy Mae will begin to visit the island. She sells Turnips, and you can buy them from her with a mind to selling them later for a profit.

Daisy Mae arrives on your island every Sunday. The earliest we have seen arrive so far is 5 am, although she could arrive even earlier, and stays until noon (12pm).

Daisy Mae will sell Turnips in stacks of 10. When you first buy Turnips, it might be a good idea to buy only one stack, so that you can get used to how this all works without risking too many Bells.

To sell your Turnips, you will need to visit Nook’s Cranny. They will offer a different price for Turnips each day, so be sure to check every day to see what the price is. Some days it will be less than you paid, some days it will be more. The trick is to sell on a day when you will make a good profit. There can be quite a swing in prices.

Some days you will be offered on a third of what you paid, and sometimes you will be offered twice what you are paid. The Nooks will buy Turnips every day except on Sunday, so don’t wait that long, or you can’t sell them, and the Turnips will rot.

To find out how much they are offering, talk to Timmy in Nook’s Cranny, then decide if you want to sell, or risk waiting to see what the price is tomorrow.

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