What to do with Chorizo’s Mysterious Key in Far Cry 6 – the F*** Anton rifle

Mystery solved.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Chorizo is a tiny dog in Far Cry 6 that players can use as a companion. Getting the little guy to be a part of your rebel group involves a special mission. During this mission, you will discover an item called the Mysterious Key.

It will appear to have no purpose, but there is actually a very valuable item that you can get by using this key. Players who make their way back to the starting island will be able to find a very nice reward. You can choose to fast travel to the church nearby and make your way on foot if you wish.

If you go all the way back to a small island in the center of the bay, to the north of Ventura Summit, you will find a small crate on the island near a campfire. Open the crate with the key, and inside you will find the F*** Anton rifle.

This is a very interesting weapon as it will do poison damage to enemies, hurting them over time. It also has improved accuracy while on the move and can be a fantastic option when stealth is not an option. It also has a muzzle break to cut down recoil in all directions. Finally, the Trigger Discipline mod will give increased damage when aiming down sights.