How to unlock Chorizo in Far Cry 6

The real hero.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Chorizo is one of the several amigos you can unlock in Far Cry 6. You’ll meet him at the start of working your way through the Meet the Monteros series of quests on Costa Del Mar. However, if you want to unlock Chorizo and add them as a companion, you’ll need to do some work for the adorable dog and build trust between you two.

The first step to unlocking Chorizo is working your way through the Meet the Monteros quest until you reach the Montero Farm. You should reach this part of the game after you meet with Espada. She’ll bring you back to her family’s farm to meet her father, and the Montero Farm will unlock. With it, the first quest for Chorizo will unlock called Who’s a Good Boy? You need to complete this quest by obtaining crocodile meat for the hungry puppy and then bringing it back to camp.

After you’ve finished that quest, the next thing you need to do is work on the next quest for Chorizo called Fetch Quest. It’s a fairly straightforward quest where you follow Chorizo around the Montero Farm, letting him unearth multiple caches that you can collect to earn several resources. One of these will be the Mysterious Key that will allow you to get a very fun rifle.

When you reach the end and complete the quest, Chorizo will unlock, and you’ll be able to choose him as an amigo to take with you on adventures.