What to do with Smithing Stones in Elden Ring

Become stronger, Tarnished One.

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You’ll come across several items throughout your travels in Elden RIng. The usefulness of these items will vary on the situation, but we highly recommend grabbing nearly everything you can to help you in your journey. An essential item you’ll encounter is Smithing Stones. Although, how to use them is not readily apparent. In this guide, we cover what you can do with Smithing Stones in Elden Ring.

You’ll need Smithing Stones to improve your weapons in Elden Ring. The more you find, the more upgrades you can give your weapons to make them more powerful, inflicting more damage against all enemies. However, you cannot do it outright. Instead, you’ll need to find a blacksmith to apply the Smithing Stone, which you give them in exact for their assistance.

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One of the starting blacksmiths you can find in Elden Ring is in the Roundtable Hold. Once you unlock this location, go to the room to the left, and you’ll be able to find Smithing Master Hewg, who can apply these upgrades in the Strengthen Armament tab. So long as you have enough Smithing Stones and Rune to give Smithing Master Hewg, he will upgrade your items. We recommend visiting the Roundtable Hold whenever you have enough Smithing Stones, or superior ones, to enhance your weapons.

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