When does Conquest and Valor become uncapped in Season One of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight?

Upgrade your Season One gear with no limits!

Image via Activision Blizzard

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has been surprisingly well-received by fans. Season One gave players a wide variety of activities to gear up, including utilizing the vast open world of the Dragon Isles. Every season of World of Warcraft eventually gives the players unlimited access to valuable currency earned from gameplay activities. Conquest is a currency used to upgrade PvP gear and Valor is the currency used to upgrade Mythic Plus gear. Players wait patiently every season for Blizzard to unlock the cap on these currencies, and it looks like Dragonflight Season One will unlock Conquest and Valor on February 14.

How Conquest and Valor work

Until Conquest and Valor get uncapped, players are only able to earn a small amount of each in a given week. This limits their options when deciding what gear to prioritize in the quest for best-in-slot items. Uncapping the currencies not only gives players free rein to earn and spend Conquest and Valor at their leisure, but it also acts as a catch-up mechanic for alts and newcomers. Upgrading gear is only limited to how much of each currency can be earned during a play session.

In order to spend Conquest and Valor, players need to find the upgrade NPC. Players can find Corxian, a drakonoid NPC, in the Gladiator’s Refuge of Valdrakken at coordinates 45.4, 38.5 in Thaldraszus. Talking with her will bring up the item upgrade menu, which allows the character to place the item into the designated slot and view the currency cost and result of upgrading the piece of gear.

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Any item earned from Mythic Plus or PvP can be upgraded via this system. Items can be upgraded several times until they reach an item level cap just below what drops from the hardest bosses in the current Mythic raid. It is worthwhile to note that most PvP gear earned from unrated PvP is only upgradeable with Honor and is limited to a much lower item level.

Uncapping Conquest and Valor indicates that Season One of Dragonflight is entering its second stage. Season Two is likely still a ways off, as Patch 10.1 is listed as launching in late Spring on Blizzard’s Dragonflight roadmap. Players looking for more to do while they play can check out the Trading Post feature for additional rewards.