When does the Destiny 2: Beyond Light raid launch? – contest mode and World’s First rules

The race is on. Or will be.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will feature an all-new Raid. While the name is currently unknown, all signs point towards the Deep Stone Crypt, a place entrenched in the game’s lore as the origin of the Exo.

We won’t have long to wait after the release of the new expansion to find out. While Beyond Light drops on November 10, the new Raid will not go live until November 21, at 10 AM PT.

For newer players who have not been around for a Raid launch, there are some important pieces of information you should know. Up first, the reason for the delay in the release is that Raids always require a much higher Power level than the start of the DLC. The extra days are there to give people time to farm up and get ready. Even if you cannot finish the entire Raid, you should be able to hit a Power level that allows you to explore it a bit with your friends, and potentially get some cool loot.

For the first 24 hours, the Raid will be in contest mode. As teams of the best players try to finish first, there are some temporary rules in place. These are enforced to put things on a more even playing field. People cannot simply no-life the game and benefit from extremely bumped up power levels.

Contest Mode Rules

  • Contest Mode will cap all players at 20 Power below each encounter for 24 hours. 
  • Artifact Power will be disabled during Contest Mode. 
  • 1230 Power is your team’s goal to be at the cap for all the encounters.  
  • Being above 1230 will not provide any additional advantage in the final fight.

World’s First Verification

For people going for World’s First, you will need to have your run verified by Bungie on their end, and your timer only ends when you return to orbit, so keep that in mind when you finally kill whatever the final boss is. You want to confirm the Raid is done, grab your loot, and get out of dodge.

Bungie has advised that confirmation of the World’s First team will take a little longer than usual this time, due to increased verification of the run. This means, even if you hear someone else has finished, keep on trucking because you never know it’s legit until Bungie confirms it is.