When does Overwatch 2’s battle pass end? All battle pass start and end dates

How long do you have to complete your Battle Pass?

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Overwatch 2 introduces the concept of Battle Passes to the series, allowing players to earn multiple cosmetics for their various heroes. You won’t be able to access these Battle Passes throughout Overwatch 2’s lifetime. However, they do have a start and end date. When will the next Overwatch 2 Battle Pass end?

All Overwatch 2 Battle Pass start and end dates

Every Overwatch 2 Battle Pass will have a specific time attached to it, meaning you want to grab it as soon as it drops to ensure you can receive as many rewards and cosmetics as possible before they’re no longer available. The Battle Passes contain 80 tiers of rewards, and you can earn experience for it by playing Overwatch 2 games and completing specific challenges. There are Daily, Weekly, Seasonal, and Lifetime challenges you can complete, each rewarding your Battle Pass experience.

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Here’s the breakdown for every Overwatch 2 Battle Pass start date and when they end.

Overwatch 2 Season 1

Season 1 of Overwatch 2 began when the game launched on October 4. Although it was a hectic launch day, it was an opportunity for players to jump into the game for the first time. This battle pass also introduced the new support hero, Kiriko, who became available if players purchased the premium battle pass or could be unlocked by reaching level 55 on the Battle Pass track. The first season of Overwatch 2 started on October 4 and ends on December 6, spanning nine weeks from start to finish.

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We will update this guide as more seasons are announced for Overwatch 2, breaking down their start and end dates. Hopefully, Blizzard reconsiders the length of these Battle Passes, as they are significantly shorter than other live service games with seasonal Battle Passes.