When does The Dawning 2022 event end in Destiny 2?

Did you bring plenty of cheer with you?

Image via Bungie

The Dawning has returned to Destiny 2 for a limited time to close out 2022. You will have the chance to go through the game and gift several items to many of your favorite Destiny 2 characters, earning various rewards with every baked pastry you make. However, you have a limited time to complete the different challenges surrounding this event, and The Dawning 2022 will have an end. Here’s what you need to know about when The Dawning 2022 ends in Destiny 2.

How long is The Dawning 2022 event in Destiny 2?

The main event begins on December 13. When Destiny 2 goes through its weekly reset, everything will close down, and you will need to wait for a brief update before Destiny 2 goes live again. When the servers return, the main event will begin, and you can seek out Eva in the tower to begin The Dawning 2022 event. You have until January 3, 2023, to complete everything on The Dawning event list, earning each reward you want to add to your collection.

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The Dawning event will be similar to the previous iterations in Destiny 2. You should expect to run around the galaxy, collecting various items by defeating enemies in a specific way with your multiple weapons. After defeating them, the enemies will drop ingredients you can use in your Holiday Oven, where you bake every treat for the various NPCs throughout the solar system. It’s a time for relaxation and cheer before moving forward into the new year and finding ourselves advancing toward the Lightfall expansion.