When is Nier’s 2B coming to Fall Guys?

The leak was true! Here is when 2B drops into Fall Guys.

Screenshot by TheGameAwards YouTube

Glory to mankind! Nier’s 2B is going to be available as a skin in Fall Guys. While 2B may look out of place, fans of the series will be happy to know she is here.

What is the release date?

2B will be jumping into Fall Guys on June 18, 2021. She will likely be available for purchase at around 20,000 Kudos because Tron’s Sark was available for 22,000 in May. No exact details have been given as of yet.

How do you purchase skins in Fall Guys?

Skins can be purchased in-game through Kudos. You can earn them by completing mini-games that are given to you, finishing games (the better you do, the more you get), and from the battle pass. In addition, you can purchase Kudos from the Steam or PlayStation Store from 12,500 Kudos all the way up to 170,000 Kudos. They cost between $4.99 to $49.99, depending on the pack you choose.

We haven’t received details exactly on how to get 2B yet, but we expect that information to come soon from Mediatonic and Epic Games.

Is 9S and A2 coming to the game?

Unfortunately, not right now. If the 2B skin sells well for Square Enix and Mediatonic, they could indeed be considered.