When is the daily reset time in Splatoon 3? Answered

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In a game as stylish as Splatoon 3, what could be more important than perfecting your fashion? Splatting your enemies? Nah. Inking your base? No way. It’s all about dressing better than anyone else in Splatsville. The shops around town all have pretty limited inventories, so picking up your new favorite set of digs can be tricky. They do reset every day, though, which means you’ll see some new options fairly often, if you check at the right times.

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What time do shops restock in Splatoon 3?

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All of the shops in Splatoon 3 reset every day at 8 PM ET. This means that if you’re trying to check them every time they change, you may want to play around this time, since that should give you the chance to pick up anything you might have missed from the previous day. Note that, unlike in some other games, you can’t reset the shops by changing your system clock.

What else resets every day in Splatoon 3?

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Aside from just the shops restocking items, there are also a few other things that reset every day at 8 PM ET. The Shell-Out Machine, which you can find in the multiplayer lobby, normally costs 30,000 coins to spin for a random reward. The first spin per day, though, only costs 5,000 coins. You also get a nice bonus when you win your first battle of each day, meaning you could realistically score this bonus twice if you play around the reset time each day. If you order some gear from Murch that you saw on someone in the square, that will also come in when the day resets. One thing that doesn’t reset each day (even though they seem like they would) are Salmon Run rewards, which instead reset when the maps change over every 40 hours.