When is the Doomsday event in Fortnite?

Game over, man.


Update – June 3: Epic has announced that the new season won’t begin until June 17, and an in-game event called The Device, what players have been referring to as the Doomsday event, is now scheduled for Saturday, June 15 at 2 PM ET.

Original article: If you have taken a close look at Midas’ room in Fortnite, you will have noticed a large object through a window beside him. This giant sphere is, it would seem, a Doomsday device. The device is, or so the theory goes, going to be responsible for a massive change as we move from Season 2 into Season 3.

When will this happen? Nobody really knows, but the safest guess is that it will all go down on June 4, when the new season begins. Epic hasn’t really acknowledged the Doomsday device, but we can all see it, and full images of the machine have been datamined.

Many people feel the Doomsday device is somehow connected to the silos in the lake outside the Agency. Other datamined images have appeared showing massive pipes heading into the Agent’s quarters and leading to the Doomsday device. While these are not visible in the game yet, they should arrive before the end of the season.

Some players believe that Midas is actually evil, and his plan is to use the Doomsday device to destroy the world. There is even a group of players who believes that Midas wants to turn back time, to before the blackhole event, and go back to the original map.

So, for now, when Doomsday will happen, and what it will entail, is somewhat of a mystery. We will be keeping an eye out for in-game clues, leaks, and datamines, and will keep you updated as we learn more.