When is the release date for F1 23?

We know the day we get to line up on the grid.

Image via EA Sports

F1 is currently in the midst of its busiest season to date, with more races than ever before. The flagship racing game from developer Codemasters has also been on an upswing since the developer was purchased by EA in 2021. Fans have been eagerly awaiting new information on this year’s game, and we finally have a gameplay trailer with a release date.

What is the release date for F1 23?

June 16 is the release date for the standard edition of F1 23. However, if you’re willing to spend a little extra money, you can get the Championship Edition three days earlier. It’s also highly likely that’s when the 10-hour EA Play trial will start. The extra items include some cosmetic items designed by world champion Max Verstappen, some virtual currency to use on the game’s battle pass, and the brand-new Las Vegas track that is a Championship-only pre-order item.

Does F1 23 have a story mode?

As you can see from the trailer above, this year’s edition of the game will include a single-player story mode that seems to be called Last To Brake. These story modes can take a lot of resources, so Codemasters has elected to only include these every other year. Last week, EA also released this promo for the fictional 11th team on the grid.

Try F1 22 while you wait.

One of the positives about Codemasters now being owned by EA is that every F1 game will now end up on EA Play. Not only will you get a 10-hour trial just for having a subscription, but you also get a 10% discount, making the Championship Edition just a little bit lighter on the wallet this June.

We said F1 22 was a “fluid and pleasant racing experience.” And it is generally regarded as a good jumping-off point for first-timers as it is the first year of a brand-new generation of cars. It also features a wonderful array of cars to drive. Hopefully, F1 23 can build on that experience, while also giving players the in-depth single-player campaign they crave.