When is the release date for Monster Hunter Rise on Xbox and Playstation?

The hunt begins.

Image via Monster Hunter YouTube

Monster Hunter Rise first released on the Nintendo Switch as an exclusive. As time passed, the game slowly opened up and jumped to other platforms, first making its way to the PC. Soon, you will have a chance to jump into Monster Hunter Rise and the expansion, Sunbreak, on Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Begging the question, what is the release date for Monster Hunter Rise on the Xbox and PlayStation?

The release date for Monster Hunter Rise on Xbox and PlayStation

Although it was first a rumor that the announcement for Monster Hunter Rise coming to the Xbox and PlayStation was going to happen during The Video Games Awards 2022 show, the news has now been confirmed before this event. As a result, you can start playing the game on January 20, 2023, kicking off the year with this massive title.

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Monster Hunter Rise was initially released on March 26, 2021, and has continued to go strong throughout 2022, with the arrival of Sunbreak on June 29. Those who jump onto the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game will receive all the updates already released to the Nintendo Switch and PC, making it much easier to dive into the series rather than waiting for them to come out. Hopefully, this might also hint at the announcement of a second expansion to Monster Hunter Rise. Many fans want to add more creatures to the growing roster, such as Zamtrios.

For those who have already been playing Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch or PC, don’t expect to transfer over your existing information. Nintendo Switch players could not do this for the PC, and this trend will likely continue.