When is the release date for Portal: Companion Collection? Answered

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Screenshot via Nintendo’s YouTube channel

Portal and Portal 2 are coming to Nintendo Switch as a bundle in Portal: Companion Collection. The collection was revealed during February 2022’s Nintendo direct showcase, giving fans a glimpse at how good the Portal franchise can still look, even on Nintendo’s hybrid platform. This guide explains when Portal: Companion Collection releases, so you know when you can take part in the experiments all over again.

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When does Portal Companion Collection launch?

It was confirmed during the Nintendo Direct Mini in June 2022 that Portal: Companion Collection had launched on June 28, the same day as the presentation. This shadow drop was definitely a surprise, but a welcome one. Many Nintendo fans definitely expected a shadow drop from the event, but this is a fairly sizeable one compared to the smaller indie titles that are usually released the same day as a Nintendo Direct Mini.

The game will feature online and couch co-op with splitscreen. This is an unprecedented level of accessibility for the games, which have traditionally only been available in co-op online. Switch fans are the perfect audience for this due to the nature of Joy-Cons and the ease with which you can instantly add another player to a game. This should make playing Portal 2 easier and much more enjoyable because half of the game is locked behind a co-op campaign that’s far too challenging to tackle on your own.

The Portal games revolve around a unique device that generates portals. You’re given a series of tests to run through using this portal gun that require you to place portals to move forward strategically. However, there’s a sinister threat lurking in the background, making the voice that’s leading you through each experiment seem much more terrifying than it should.