When is the release date for Rhapsody in Apex Legends: Mobile? Answered

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Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has been teasing that a new legend will be coming to Apex Legends: Mobile for a little while now. A new trailer called Distortion has been released by Respawn, revealing that the new playable Legend is called Rhapsody. The character will be part of the new season 2 for the game and will come with a new map called Pythas Block 0.

When is the release date for Rhapsody in Apex Legends: Mobile?

Rhapsody and the new Map will headline the second season for Apex Legends: Mobile, with the second season having the sub-header of Distortion. Distortion is referring to how the Pythas Corporation is distorting the truth to the public. Respawn states that Apex Legends: Mobile: Distortion will launch on July 12.

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Based on the Distortion trailer, Rhapsody appears as a young woman who hosts an underground radio show to reveal the truth. They are also shown being a DJ at a party and working with other Legends like Lifeline and Loba. Both Lifeline and Loba are Support Legends, suggesting maybe Rhapsody will also serve as support once they release. Rhapsody has a robot companion with them that creates force fields around Rhapsody to protect them from enemy bullets.

Pythas Block 0 looks like a futuristic city owned by the Pythas corporations. The city is covered with neon purple lights, and advertisements are plastered across screens throughout the city. It’s a perfect map that represents Rhapsody’s overall aesthetics and style.

Apex Legends: Mobile is a port of the main Apex Legends game released for Android and iOS on May 17. The mobile version has the same gameplay and graphics as the mainline Apex Legends title but includes exclusive content like characters. Apex Legends: Mobile received the character Fade as part of season 1, and Fade has yet to be ported onto the main version of Apex Legends. Rhapsody will also likely be an exclusive for Mobile for the foreseeable future.