When is the release date for the Arcanist advanced class in Lost Ark? Answered

A new Mage is coming to Lost Ark.

Image via Smilegate RPG

Lost Ark has a number of unreleased Advanced Classes coming to the game, with each new class possessing a new number of skills and mechanics to learn. The game also encourages players to make a ton of alternate characters on their accounts, making it important for Smilegate RPG to release new classes in a timely matter.

According to the June and July roadmap for Lost Ark, the next class on the way is the Arcanist. The Arcanist is the third available Mage Advanced Class and will join the other advanced classes, Bard and Sorceress. The Mage class has been lacking in representation lately, so this is a satisfying choice for the next class.

Here is Lost Ark’s official description of the class:’

“The Arcanist imbues special cards with her Magick and uses them for a variety of effects. From slicing up enemies with a deluge of thrown cards to summoning powerful Magick attacks or team effects from the cards themselves, the Arcanist has a trick up her sleeve for every situation. Despite being armed with a variety of skills, the Arcanist will sometimes leave things to the fate of the cards with her specialty skill “Card Deck”. When the player lands an attack, it charges the Card Meter. Once the meter is completely charged, a card with random stats registers on the Card Deck, which can be pulled out and used to varying degrees of devastating effect.”

The Arcanist has not received a solid release date as of this writing. However, we do know that the Arcanist is set to release sometime in July. This article will be updated with the proper release date once announced. The Arcanist is also the start of a new content schedule that plans on releasing a new Advanced Class every two months for the remainder of 2022.