When is the release date for the Pretty Sweet DLC Pack in WWE 2K23?

A deadly DLC pack.

Image via 2K

Just days before the release of WWE 2K23, 2K dropped information regarding this year’s Season Pass. Much like in 2K22, the Season Pass will be comprised of five separate DLC packs. One of those packs is the Pretty Sweet DLC pack, which is set to bring two notable tag teams from WWE into 2K23. When is the release date for this pack? Let’s take a look at what we know.

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Pretty Sweet DLC Pack in WWE 2K23

The Pretty Sweet DLC pack is the second of five post-launch downloadable content additions that will be in WWE 2K23. This DLC pack will be released on May 17.

Among the wrestlers that will be added to the game as part of the Pretty Sweet DLC pack are “The Good Brothers” Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. The former WWE Tag Team Champions are back in the company, as the two returned in October 2022 after both were released in 2020.

And as the name suggests, the duo of Elton Prince and Kit Wilson will also be added to the WWE 2K23 roster. The duo of “Pretty Deadly” have done quite well for themselves in the NXT rankings thus far in their careers, holding both the NXT United Kingdom and NXT Tag Team Championship belts at times.

In addition, rising star Tiffany Stratton will be added to 2K23 as part of the Pretty Sweet DLC pack. Stratton is currently a member of the NXT roster.

This pack was confirmed by 2K on March 6, when the team released information regarding the Season Pass of WWE 2K23, including the announcement that The Steiners would be coming to the game.