When is the release date of Dragon Quest Treasures? Answered

Recruit monsters and uncover ancient artifacts.

Image via Square Enix

Dragon Quest Treasures is a new spin-off entry in the Dragon Quest series. It tasks players with teaming up with monsters instead of just killing them, all in an effort to uncover the lost artifacts of the realm of Draconia. This guide explains when the release date of Dragon Quest Treasures is, so you know exactly to dust off your treasure-hunting hat.

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When does Dragon Quest Treasures release?

Dragon Quest Treasures will release on December 9. The game’s release date was announced as part of the Nintendo Direct Mini in June 2022 and the game could be a big hit with the Dragon Quest fanbase. As is tradition with most spin-off titles in the series, this game has a very different gameplay loop from what fans will be used to, but it’s still set in the rich beloved Dragon Quest universe.

What is Dragon Quest Treasures about?

The game takes you to the realm of Draconia, where you must head out into the world and use a treasure tracker to locate and dig up ancient treasures. You’ll recruit monsters like Slimes to accompany you on the way, serving as a form of protection against those monsters you haven’t tamed, but also as forms of traversal. Large monsters are fast, meaning you can ride them across the land and reach your targets quickly. Monsters like Slimes have other utilities, allowing you to jump to new heights, while you can glide across wide open plains with others. While you can fight alongside your monsters, is much more fun to build a small army and have them fight for you.

Once you’ve dug up some treasures, you can bring them back to your base to have them valued and earn some gold. More gold means better equipment, better armor, and more ways to recruit monsters to make your future treasure hunts even more profitable.