When is the release date of Metroid Prime Remastered Physical Edition?

Back in prime condition.

Image via Nintendo

Metroid Prime fans have had their hearts broken countless times over the years. Though the fourth installment was announced back at E3 2017, nothing but a short teaser has ever been seen of it. Fortunately, the long-suffering fans are getting a chance to return to Tallon IV when Metroid Prime Remastered releases for the Switch. The digital version is already out, but when will the physical version of Metroid Prime Remastered be released?

Metroid Prime Remastered Physical Edition release date

The February 2023 Nintendo Direct was full of announcements, but Metroid fans will undoubtedly be the Metroid Prime Remastered announcement. The remaster’s existence was an open secret for years, but finally getting to see it announced was a thrilling moment for those still waiting for Metroid Prime 4 to see the light of day. Fans eager to dive into one of Samus’ greatest adventures can already download the game from the Nintendo eShop, but those wanting a physical copy will have to wait a little bit longer.

Physical editions of Metroid Prime Remastered will be released on February 22 in North America. Fans in Japan and Europe won’t be able to get their hands on the game until March 3.

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The trailer shown during the Nintendo Direct showed off the graphical upgrade Metroid Prime Remastered is getting, but it also showed some key gameplay features fans will be eager for. Along with her usual array of bombs, missiles, and energy beams, Samus’ adventures on Tallon IV include using her visors to identify an enemy’s weaknesses and to spot mission objectives.

As players investigate the interconnected paths and winding maps of Tallon IV, they’ll unlock iconic Metroid powers like the Morph Ball and Grapple Beam. They’ll also encounter some of Samus’ greatest enemies like Ridley and Flaahgra. The game’s first-person perspective and 3D environments were both firsts for the series, which had been firmly in the 2D side-scroller genre for years when Metroid Prime first launched on the Game Cube in 2022.

Metroid Prime Remastered digital edition is already out but fans can grab the physical edition on February 22 in North America and March 3 in Japan and Europe.