When is Warframe cross platform play coming to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch?

All Tenno can come out to play.

image via Digital Extremes

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Warframe, the free-to-play game released in 2013, has evolved far past its original days and launched on every major gaming platform. Digital Extremes initially launched the game on PC before bringing it to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and finally to the Nintendo Switch in November 2018. Crossplay was confirmed during TennoCon 2022 and would be in the game “very soon.” Well, “soon” has become “now.” This guide will explain when you can expect cross platform play for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch players.

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When is cross play coming to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch players?

Community cross play stress tests were done shortly after the Veilbreaker cinematic quest due to the synchronization of timers and cycles across all platforms. The early trials were held without the player base knowing it had happened. The first community live test was only for Xbox and PC players originally.

Digital Extremes said the following on the Warframe Devstream 165 summary website page. “Expanding our cross play capabilities to our Switch and Playstation Tenno is a huge priority for us that we’re working on every day, and we expect to do more surprise testing sessions in the future.” The future is now, as Digital Extremes released a new video announcing full cross play is live on all platforms.

Cross play is currently active for Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation players. The first-time players log in to Warframe now that cross play is enabled, they will be greeted with an in-game cross play tutorial guide.

Cross platform play, as well as cross save, will allow players on different platforms to all play together, regardless of what platform they play on themselves.