When will BitLife’s Royalty update come to Android?

Let the king and queens reign.

Image via Candywriter

BitLife originally came to iPhone and then released to Android later, and Android users have always been a few updates behind. That is set to change. Before the start of 2021, BitLife developers, Candywriter, announced that they were planning to do a code merge between Android and iPhone versions. The code merge is set to happen sometime in April 2021. Android users are anxious to jump into the pile of updates they have only seen talked about on Twitter and try it for themselves. However, the updates won’t arrive all at once. The first update to arrive at BitLife on Android will be the Royalty update.

Because this is the first one set to release for Android, we can expect it swiftly following the code merge. We don’t know how long it will take for the other updates to follow after this one. There will be four in total, though. You have Royalty, Professional Sports, the second musician and singer update, and the Mafia update.

All of these will arrive at different times. It could be a week or two between them before they all become available. When they’re set and ready to go, the next update for iPhone and Android players will come simultaneously. There will be no more separate release dates between updates, and all players will be able to participate in challenges with the same tasks. Sometimes, the challenges are slightly different, depending on what a player can do given an update.

We’re likely going to see many Android users participating in mobile events once the code merge becomes a reality.