When Will Fortnite Be Back Up?


Fortnite Season X came to a massive halt yesterday as a black hole swallowed up the map, the characters, and even the whole game. Nobody has been able to get into the game to play for over 15 hours at the time of writing. But when will Fortnite be back up?

When Will Fortnite Be Back Up?

Epic has not given any official statement about when Fortnite will be back up, or what it might look like after this whole thing is over. Twitter user Lucas7Yoshi has noticed something exciting in the Fortnite website code, however.

So, if this is to be believed, it will be Thursday before you are back in the game and reshooting each other. Now, this should be taken with a pinch of salt. When this date for “the-end” was initially discovered, it was set for Tuesday, October 15, at 6 am EST. As such, Epic has already shown that this date can change on a whim, and by now, all devs are aware that people do search for this type of thing in both the game code and website code, so it might just be dropping a red herring to distract people.

Either way, we have already been out of the game for over half a day, and I suspect it will be at least that long again before the game is back up. Why? Because of the leaks about Fortnite Chapter 2. If this is a massive change to the game, then it makes sense that a long period of maintenance needs to occur before the new chapter can go live. Fortnite needs to work flawlessly across pretty much all consoles, mobile platforms, and PC, which means a lot of testing needs to be done.

I also suspect the crush of people trying to get back into the game when it does come up will be extraordinary, and Epic will want to make that as smooth as possible for as many people as they can.

So, for now, and the exact date is not known, but I will be updating this article with any interesting information that leaks, or confirmations from Epic about what is happening, and when it will kick into the next stage.