When will Mei be playable in Overwatch 2 again? Answered

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. She’s back.

Image via Blizzard

Since Overwatch 2 released, there have been quite a few hiccups along the way. Whether it is server issues or fans being upset with the in-game shop prices, it has been a little bumpier than necessarily wanted for Blizzard. One of the problems associated with the game has included game-breaking bugs that have led to the developer removing some of the game’s playable characters – with Mei being one of them. Here is when you can expect to get Mei back from her icy prison.

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When is Mei coming back to Overwatch 2?

After being removed from Overwatch 2 for multiple weeks, Mei was originally expected to return to the game on November 15, alongside the next scheduled update for the game, which includes various buffs and nerfs to other characters. Unfortunately, the update was delayed and is now set to go live a couple days later on November 17 at 11 AM PT. Whenever this update actually happens, she will be back in the game and playable in Competitive, Unranked, and all Arcade modes.

Mei was originally removed from Overwatch 2 because her Ice Wall ability was letting certain heroes get out of bounds during matches, completely breaking the game. This allowed certain characters to become invincible while still being able to damage the enemy team. To make sure that they found all spots that she could potentially get out of, Mei had to be fully removed from the game so they could do some testing on all of the maps before bringing her back.

Mei is not the first character to be temporarily disabled in Overwatch 2. Bastion also received the full removal from the game when players were able to shoot his Ultimate off over a dozen times when only three were intended. Torbjorn was also removed from Competitive Play during the same time but was still available in Quick Play because his Overcharge ability was able to be used multiple times in succession without a cooldown.