Where Are The Gargoyles In Fortnite? Fortnitemares Challenge Guide

In today’s Fortnite 6.20 patch, Fortnitemares kicked off, and it has brought with it a plethora of changes to the game. For example, did you know there are two new weapons; the Six Shooter and the Fiend Hunter Crossbow? Did you know you can also now deploy your glider from anywhere on the map as long as you’re above 10 meters? I bet you didn’t know there’s now a PvE element because zombies have been added to the game! There are also some new challenges to complete. There are four sets of Fortnitemares challenges coming out every two days, and as a reward at the end, you’ll get an awesome ghost train glider. If you’re getting stuck into the Fortnitemares challenges, make sure you pay attention to this cheat sheet to help you find everything you need and answer the question: Where ARE the gargoyles in Fortnite?

Where Are The Gargoyles In Fortnite? Fortnitemares Challenge Guide
Fortnitemares Challenges Part One Cheat Sheet • TheSquatingDog • Fair Use

Fortnite Gargoyle Locations – Where are the gargoyles in Fortnite?

Here are all of the gargoyle locations if you can’t quite make them out:

  • In the church in Haunted Hills
  • In the biggest building in Viking Village
  • On the toilet at the top of the mountain north of Flush Factory
  • Surrounded by stones on the mountain between Tilted Towers and Dusty Divot
  • At the bottom of the umbrella-shaped mine west of Lazy Links
  • At the bottom of the staircase in Tomato Temple
  • Inside the Halloween decorations shop in Retail Row
  • On top of a rock teetering over the edge of the map south of the racetrack
  • Sat with the teddy bear and scarecrow east of Risky Reels

Completing this first set of four challenges will give you a brand new emoji which looks like a cute green flame. The next set of Fortnitemares challenges will unlock in two days time, rewarding players with a spray, followed by a contrail and the ghost train glider. Of course, the usual weekly challenges come out for Fortnite Week 5 tomorrow so as far as content goes, there are enough challenges to keep people busy for days. If you haven’t done last week’s Fortnite challenges yet, make sure you check out the cheat sheet here.