Where are vending machines and how to use them in Call of Duty: Mobile

Vending offers different supplies, including guns, ammo and vehicles.

The developers of Call of Duty: Mobile have added vending machines to the game to make the gameplay even more exciting. The vending machines offer different supplies that help players against enemies in the match. There are three types of vending machines, including guns, ammo, and vehicle.

Not only this, but there is also a challenge where the players have to use the vending machines twice. For this, you will have to go near them, and the option to use them will be provided on the screen.

Call of Duty: Mobile Vending Machines Location

To use the vending machines, you will have to enter a BR match and land in Black Market. You will find all of them there in the buildings on different floors. Here is an image of the location of Black Market marked on the map:

You can find more information about the vending machines by locating a broken screen at the Black Market. All you have to do is fix the screen, and it will play a recording that will include more information about the machines present there.