Where Did the Destiny 2 Milestones Go?

Year 2 Director

If you logged into Destiny 2 today and figured you’d get some quality time with the new Year 2 changes, such as the new weapons system, but then opened up your Director, you may have been in for a scare.

Where Did the Milestones Go?

Usually, the Director’s left sidebar was filled with a multitude of milestones after each weekly reset on Tuesday, but today, only one or two were available. I wouldn’t blame you if your heart skipped a beat and you yelled “How am I going to get powerful gear now?” out loud. Fear not, though, Bungie merely rearranged where the milestones are displayed; for the most part.

Milestones such as the Crucible related ones, the Heroic Strikes, Nightfall, and Flashpoint have been changed into challenges denoted by a gold icon next to the particular location you access them from in the Director.

Where Did the Destiny 2 Milestones Go? Where Did the Destiny 2 Milestones Go?

You can see the two icons next to the Vanguard Strikes icon and the Crucible icon on the updated Director. Once you open either of those locations, you’ll see the details of the challenges displayed. They haven’t changed, they’ve just been moved. Well, that’s not entirely true. With the exception of the Flashpoint, these challenges now only reward Legendary Gear.

Where Did the Destiny 2 Milestones Go? Where Did the Destiny 2 Milestones Go?

The same holds true for the Flashpoint, which is now found on whatever planet it takes place on. From there, you’ll be able to track your progress the same way as you were used to. Some milestones still appear in the left sidebar of the Director, but most have been changed into these new challenges.

Speaking of the Flashpoint, since Cayde-6 is no longer in the tower to hand out your rewards for completing this event, you’ll now collect your powerful gear from whoever the vendor on the planet it takes place on is.

Now that you know how to find the milestones-turned-challenges in Destiny 2, visit our Guide Hub for more helpful tips and tricks.