Where do you position Blitzcrank in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)?

Pull your way to victory.

Image via Riot Games

Positioning is a vital aspect of playing Teamfight Tactics (TFT), and few units are as reliant on great positioning as Blitzcrank. As the bot that loves to snatch and bash your enemies’ best units, Blitz has to be precariously placed. After all, he is the ultimate unit for ruining your foes’ positioning. But how do you know how to do that when everyone positions differently each game? Well, here’s a quick guide on how to use your Blitz to the best of his abilities.

How does Blitz work?

The first step to positioning Blitz is understanding exactly how he works. When you place Blitzcrank on a tile, he grabs the unit furthest away from him the second combat starts. If you put your Blitz in the back corners of your board, you may think that always means the character in the corresponding far corner on your enemy’s side, but that’s not true. This isn’t like Zephyr where it picks up the enemy in the exact opposite tile of yours (or the closest one to it). If you put Blitz in the far corner and their entire team is right across from you but there’s a Sejuani placed on the furthest tile in the front row, you’ll be pulling the Sejuani. Instead, keep an eye on how your enemies are positioning and try to get Blitz as far away as possible from the units you’d prefer to pull.

Even that can get wonky sometimes, though. Here are some exceptions that might ruin your plans that you should know about:

  • Assassins jumping forward are not pulled before they jump; do not target them.
  • Shroud of Stillness will delay your Blitz pull (which could benefit you if the carry stays in the back but their protection moves forward, but it can also cause you a lot of trouble).
  • Sometimes, when targeting the champion on the bottom left corner of the board, the champion on the tile to the left of the back corner can end up being the target based on different unit interactions.

Your best options

When it comes to early and mid-game, you’re going to want to try to pick Blitz positions that give you the best chances to pull important champions. Since you never know who you’ll face (unless you get the Hextech Augment for that), there are a few top choices you can pick:

  • Back Corner Tiles: These positions are aiming to pull the kind of carry units that are protected and surrounded by the rest of a team. Likely it means your enemies will start moving their damage units around, but two can play that game.
  • Top Corner Tiles: Use these spots if the enemy frontliners are a problem and you need to get them out of position before the round starts.
  • Middle-Back Tiles: In the case of a Sniper board, this is sometimes your best option because it ensures at least one of the strong units is caught out. It’s a fairly good option whenever your enemy is hiding powerful units in the back, too.

The bad news for late-game is that, when you are down to four or less people, you just have to try to adapt to how your enemies’ are trying to avoid your Blitz. It may mean aiming to take down their CC champion instead of their carry, or just pulling their front-liners out of position. However, if you make it to the final two, you could win on positioning alone because you were able to psych them out and pull their best unit. So, take these tips to your next game and have fun Blitzing.