Where do you sell an enemy’s Captain’s Logbook in Sea of Thieves?

Making more money with your plunder.

Image via Rare/Xbox Game Studios

The Sea of Thieves Season Seven update is upon us and, with it, a whole new host of opportunities to plunder and steal across the open seas. One of those changes is how the Captain’s Logbook can be stolen by enemy pirates and sold just like any other loot. Only one place will buy these valuables off you, so get ready to set sail when you get your hands on one. Here is where you need to go to sell an enemy’s Captain Logbook in Sea of Thieves.

Where to sell a Captain’s Logbook in Sea of Thieves

Image via Sea of Thieves YouTube Channel

The Captain’s Logbook in Sea of Thieves records everything that a ship accomplishes, including miles sailed, fish caught, and information on the current crew. However, your logbook isn’t necessarily safe. Opposing pirate crews can sink your ship to recover it from the wreckage or even sneak aboard and steal it right from under your noses.

When you get one, you’ll want to head to The Reaper’s Hideout and find The Reaper’s Bones. Located in tile I12 of your map, they’re your go-to destination for unloading all manner of goods and valuables. They’ll be the one who buys your pilfered logbook and makes sure that you’re fully rewarded for your efforts. How much they pay for the logbook will depend on its tier, which increases based on how many in-game days it has been since your captained ship has been sunk.

  • Noteworthy Logbook (0-6 days since sinking) – 300 gold
  • Accomplished Logbook (7-14 days since sinking) – 2,500 gold
  • Remarkable Logbook (15-19 days since sinking) – 10,000 gold
  • Extraordinary Logbook (20 or more days since sinking) – 25,000 gold

As you can see, picking off a ship with a mere Noteworthy logbook won’t get you much in the way of rewards. Find yourself lucky enough to stumble upon an Extraordinary logbook, however, and you’ll want to set course immediately for the Reaper’s Hideout before someone catches wind and takes that valuable treasure off your hands.

Can you sell your own Captain’s Logbook?

If you find your own Captain’s Logbook after sinking, you can technically sell it too; however, like selling your own Emissary Flag, this will only return you 1 gold.